About The Artist:

Thank you for checking out my site! I hope you like the goods. My name is Khia. I’m the designer, web person, shipper and all things essential for my project 'The 1998 Deck'. What was originally going to be just one deck has evolved into 6 due to an enthusiastic demand. I'm currently still drawing the 'Hit 'Em Up' Deck aka the 'Tupac Deck' so please stay tuned. I know this page is supposed to be “About Me”, but I’d like to talk about my work instead.  I’m so closely aligned with the messages that I put into my art. Plus the decks are way more interesting. ;-)


All of my designs pay homage to what many term ‘The Golden Era’ of hip hop. Hopefully you catch some of the hidden concepts in the artwork. For example: Did you catch the references to the artists themselves? The nods to iconic movies like ‘Coming to America’ or ‘Juice’? The iconography of Nigerian Gods, Voodoo Culture or 20s gangsters? If not, feel free to take another look. My hope is that I left enough there for you to discover something new every time you play. To the question “What made you decide to design The 1998 Deck?’. There are so many layers to what I was trying to bring to life with my cards, but here are just a few:

1) The original deck series is love letter to my school Hampton University. In between cram sessions we played spades and we listened to the artists featured in these cards. The whole series takes me back to those times.

2) I thought to myself “Since traditional playing cards mimic medieval war, wouldn’t it be cool if people could play out some of the most epic ‘wars’ in hip hop history; right in their own homes?”. It would be East Coast v West Coast, Foxy v Kim, Jay v Nas (the little known beef between) Redman vs Busta etc.  Wouldn’t it be dope to talk all of that smack during your next spades game while cutting books with your favorite rapper?



Photo by @Chuckbea

New Orleans Very Own Curren$y! Holding the NoLanta Deck. (This photo is just drippin' cool!)

3) People under-estimate the global impact of hip hop and the intelligence of it’s stars. For instance Biggie and Jay Z are of genius level intellect. Missy Elliot skipped a few grades in school, Redman and Snoop can rap indefinitely on a given topic (and that’s no small feat). These people are all well above average, but I don’t think many people recognize what’s right in front of them. It’s important that my community understand that this is what genius looks like when it develops through adversity; 'The Rose that Grew From Concrete’ as Tupac said. These people changed the world and they look just like you do! I believe pop culture spreads messages subliminally, but more powerfully than today’s news feature. So there’s more than a little socio-political leanings going on with my decision to create these decks.



The King of Wakanda (Chadwick Boseman) buys the Who Shot Ya? deck from Moods Music in Atlanta.

I hope you enjoy playing with the decks as much as I enjoyed drawing them. And just so you know…I added these photos of celebrities not to name drop ( I’m name dropping), but to remind you all that only TALENTED, SEXY people love The 1998 Deck. And I can tell by the way you clicked on this About Page that you’re Talented and Sexy too. So go ahead and cop…you won’t regret it


I met Jidenna at Art Basel in Miami! He got the 'Ether' and 'Takeover' Decks.


Much Love from The 'TEAM' 😘😘